Thursday, May 27, 2010

Riverbench by Soheil Mosun Limited

We are extraordinarily fortunate this year to have the Riverbench as an auction item.

Fabricated by award-winning Soheil Mosun Limited and designed by award-winning designer, Weisz + Yoes of New York, NY, the Riverbench graces such special spaces as Toronto's Music Garden (pictured) and New York City's Battery Park.

Donated by Soheil Mosun Limited, via Cyrus and Matina Mosun.

Valued at $1500.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zoe in TFS Uniform

Zoe is a 21" poseable Karito Kids doll. She is hand-strung and constructed from vinyl with no phthalates added. Zoe is dressed in a beautifully tailored TFS uniform including TFS monogrammed shirt, tunic, hair band and school bag. Zoe also comes with a fun outfit, her own passport and a 128-page, hardbound fiction book that includes excerpts from her journal describing her beloved New York City! To learn more about Zoe visit

Every Purchase Helps Another Child
Like all Karito Kids products, three percent of the retail price helps another child—and purchasers decide how! Every item comes with a special code allowing them to log on to, play great games, earn extra World Change™ and direct their gift to one of four causes: school, home, health or food.

Zoe is donated by Lori Bianchini, the fabric is from the TFS store. The uniform was tailored by Helen Papanikolaou. Zoe is valued at $200. To your child, she will be priceless.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Value Donated By:

Priceless (if you don't already have one!)

MacNerds Solutions
Roberto Contreras

Zoe Doll in TFS Uniform
Doll by Lori Bianchini, fabric from TFS Store, uniform by Helen Papanikolaou. 


Soheil Mosun Limited
Donated by Cyrus and Matina Mosun

Four (4) Toronto FC Ground Tickets$900 ($225 ea)BMO Capital Markets, c/o Egizio Bianchini
Two (2) tickets to Justin Bieber
Ms. Brynn Lackie
French Dinner for Six (6), prepared by our own Mr. Delaune
M. Alain Delaune
Climbing party for up to 8 children, plus t-shirts and carbiners for 8.

A 2-hour belayed climbing party.
$305.60Joe Rockheads
Tel: 416-538-7670
One (1) Uniform Alteration$50.00Ms. Julie Service
One (1) Family Yoga Session$125.00Ms. Michelle Crath
One (1) Three-Month Trial Silver Membership
(Two available)
$275.00The Fitness Institute Mississauga

Diaper "Cake" - Perfect Baby Shower Gift!$80.00Ms. Alison Coburn

Silk Dress-up
(Princess, Knight, Dragon or Unicorn)


Cadbury Chocolate Basket$125Ms. Cynthia Polan

Digital Recipe Reader $200Rider Plus Insurance
Mike & Daila Babineau

Set of Six Crystal Wine Glasses$150Dyana Hassoun

Four (4) Tickets to Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays
(Aug 7, 1pm)

$292 ($73 each)

Mona Stirling

Sony Portable Play Station (PSP)  $249Andra Kacira
One paintball session & sign photo
$200Ulrik Bedos
Basket of healthy baked treats
$75Eugenie Benoit
Evening of French Babysitting
(Friday or Saturday night)
$80 Denise Cudahy

3BDRM Condo, Blue Mountain, One (1) "prime-time" week (March Break, Christmas, New Year's, November Break)$600Sonya Neufer
One (1) hour in-school tutoring
$50Vivian Correa
Basket of homemade goodies$50Bérengère Moore
Three (3) early morning sessions of "Starting a new school year"
$75Line Van Kempen
One (1) hour technology training
$50Kristina Farentino

One (1) hour physical activity training (at school)$50Alexandre Ferrand
One (1) piece hand-made jewellery
$50Marie Malik
One German cake (your choice)
$40Katarina Schwenteck
Mini golf for 2 children + 1 adult
$65Marisa Petersen